rober waller - founder of norcal ag

Meet The Founder

Founder, Robert Waller grew up in the agricultural community of the Treasure Valley in Idaho.

Starting at the age of 13 he spent his summers working full time for Charter Research Seed Company, walking the seed fields and learning about Agronomy.

As an avid hunter and angler, he witnessed firsthand how nutrient pollution from synthetic fertilizers was starting to significantly damage the watershed in and around agricultural communities and negatively impacting fragile aquatic and waterfowl ecosystems.

History & Mission

A proponent of natural farming techniques and methodology, Norcal Ag Service started operations in 2009 with a network of soil amendment mining operations and organic fertilizer manufacturing partners and has been a pioneer in the manufacturing and delivery of products for organic and natural farming operations for vineyards, orchards and row crop growers throughout California.

Norcal Ag Service has since grown and now services clients not only in the Agricultural community but also in the environmental engineering community with the design and manufacturing of specialized organic soils, soil stabilization products for erosion and dust control throughout the West.  With new affiliate operations now located in Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Montana and Oregon.

Norcal Ag Service is focused on educating and serving communities wanting to reduce and possibly eliminate man-made pollutants using environmentally sound products, techniques and methodology.


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