Agricultural Sulfur

Lower Soil pH  - Keep Your Plants Healthy

Sulfur orders are delivered by end dump semi's or high side transfers when needed.  Orders are processed within 24 hours of receipt.

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Agricultural Prilled Sulfur..........99.5% (elemental)

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Sulfur & Soil

Actually, soils get sulfur from three sources: airborne particles, the weathering of minerals in soils, and microbial activity. Sulfur conversion by microbes happens in soil containing large amounts of decomposing organic materials like green manures, animal wastes (including urine), insects, worms, and dead microbes. Grass clippings contain atmospheric sulfur and should also be added back to the soil. Some soil sulfur occurs naturally from the weathering process of minerals.

General symptoms of sulfur deficiency

  • Young leaves light green to yellowish color. 
  • In some plants, older tissue may be affected also.
  • Small and spindly plants.
  • Retarded growth rate and delayed maturity.
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