Gypsum Machines

Premium Fertigation Equipment - Make Your Water "Wetter"

  • Adding Gypsum to your water improves soil structure
  • Increases water penetration
  • Corrects Mineral imbalances and sodic soils
  • Can be used to solubilize and inject other minerals like Humic Acids, Limestone, Potash and Zinc

In addition to Gypsum Injection Equipment we also have Chemical Tanks, Trailers, and Sprayer’s with vineyard booms, Pumps, Small Engines and all the PVC and Stainless fittings necessary to complete any project.

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How Gyp Machines Make Life Easier

The gypsum machine is an essential part of maintaining the stability of irrigated soil, and ultimately ensuring the success of your crops. Gypsum that has been finely ground is combined with water combine to create a slurry for the machine to inject into your irrigation system.

Gyp machines are one of the most efficient and cost-effective means of applying your soil amendments, in a soluble form. More than just beneficial for using with the distribution of gypsum, a gyp machine can be used to distribute a number of other types of soil amendments.

When working with acreage it can prove challenging to effectively distribute soil amendments in the right concentrations. Your gyp machine will effectively ensure that your soil gets the gypsum and other amendments it needs during the growing season.

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