Bulk Organic Soil Amendments

We Deliver To All Of Northern & Central California

Without healthy soil you will not be able to reach the full crop yield potential that you’ve been working so hard to attain. We were founded on the belief that soil science is serious business.

With our combined expertise and experience, we offer soil amendments that will improve the nutrient density and water retention of your soil to ensure you see those good crop yields. We offer offer bulk organic products and soil amendments, along with dust control and spreading services that can be customized to meet the needs of your soil and your crops.  All created to benefit your operation year-round and allow you to focus on the business of growing healthy crops. 

We offer top rated composts and organic compost fertilizers of many types from several different facilities throughout central and northern California.

Norcal Ag Service is a leading provider of agricultural prilled elemental sulfur to help lower pH in soils throughout northern California.

We provide different mined Gypsums to farmers and growers throughout northern California. Try it blended with compost to help reclaim stressed soils.

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Keep your soil healthy with expert guidance and soil amendment spreading solutions customized to the needs of your crops. 


How Soil Amendments Help

Healthy soil is soil that is going to promote plant growth. Soil amendments work to reduce compaction, and provide aeration to allow for proper drainage. Aerated soil will see plant nutrients better reaching roots, and will help with moisture retention. Organic matter used for the soil amendments will also decompose to provide nutrients for the plants. Soil amendments can restore fertility to soil, and with the right drainage offer the best growing environment for your crops.

Why We Choose Organic

Organic living starts with the soil we grow our food in, and it is the start of nurturing a healthy ecosystem. Healthy soil supports beneficial microorganisms that contribute to strong plant growth, which in turn leads to sustainable gardens that are naturally pest-resistant. Chemicals will not only ultimately make their way onto our dinner plates, but they will destroy and do more harm to the soil we grow our food in. Organic living and growing protects our ecosystem, and protects us.