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Norcal Ag Service provides bulk organic soils, soil amendments and farm supplies like compost, chicken and cow manure, gypsum, limestone, organic fertilizers, biotreatment soil, road dust control, and other soil stabilization services and products to all of central and northern California communities, including Napa, Sonoma, Healdsburg, St. Helena, Stockton, Modesto, Merced, Sacramento, Woodland, Yuba City, Lodi, Livermore, and more.

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Norcal Ag Service takes our soil science and knowledge seriously. We've put together a resource that will teach you everything you need to know about northern California soil.

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Organic Soils & Composts For Spring, Summer and Fall

Take care of the soil that takes care of you....

Norcal 'Filter Green' Certified BioTreatment Soil

Top rated Premium Certified bioretention soil  (biosoil) constructed with specialized glacial sub angular sand providing maximum stability and longevity with optimum filtration rate.

Agriculture Education

Our information center for all things related to agriculture, farming, soil, and more. Each resource contains practical insights to help you stay knowledgeable and up to date on all things ag. 

What does Sulfur do for Crops?

By Norcal Ag Service

Properly balanced PH levels can mean the difference between large yields, and crop failure. Overly acidic soil produces smaller crops that simply don’t satisfy the…

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gypsum and plant growth - norcal ag service

What is Gypsum and How Does It Impact Crop Growth?

By Norcal Ag Service

Gypsum and lime have been used for ages to improve soil and balance PH levels (in the case of lime) to get the land in…

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Compost, manure, or fertilizer - norcal ag service serving all of northern and central california

Manure, Fertilizer, Or Compost—Which is Best? It Depends.

By Norcal Ag Service

Successful farmers know the value of their soil. They know that good soil means good crops, a good end of the season yield. They know…

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Norcal Ag Service is a northern California small business that offers organic farming supplies and organic soil amendments an road dust control and soil stabilization services to our Ag community, not a multi-billion dollar chemical company so we would like to thank some of our customers because our jobs TRULY do depend on Ag.

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