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We have used our extensive knowledge of soils, soil ecology and soil structure to engineer and offer the highest quality Biotreatment soil media for storm water filtration in and around the central and northern California

We provide a couple of different mined Gypsums to farmers and growers throughout northern California. Try it blended with compost to help reclaim stressed soils.

We provide a mined Limestone and Dolomite to help bring soil pH in line. Try blending it with compost.

We are experts in soil stabilization and road dust control in Napa and the surrounding northern California region.. We provide the greatest variation of dust control, dust palliative products and services than anyone else in northern California.

Are you having water troubles? Is your soil or water pH reducing your yield potential? We have helped some of the largest growers in the state and we can probably help you. From sulfur burners to fertigation equipment.

We deliver the highest quality bulk organic topsoils and blended soils.  All sold in bulk and by the truckload to all of northern and central California.

mycorrhizal fungi products- norcal ag services - serving northern and central california

Mycorrhizal Fungi

Soil microbes are the key good soil ecology and fertile soil. Amazing new technology allows microbes to be identified and suspended for use in soils that have poor health and limited fertility.

Norcal Ag Service is a leading provider of agricultural prilled elemental sulfur to help lower pH in soils throughout northern California.

landscape products - norcal ag services - serving northern and central california

Landscape Products

We supply contractors and nurseries throughout the state with our various barks, mulches, composts, soils and other products used to build and beautify properties everywhere.

Norcal Ag Service offers a wide variety of soil amendment spreading throughout central and northern California. We can spread on open ground as well as in orchards.

Gypsum that has been finely ground is combined with water combine to create a slurry for the machine to inject into your irrigation system.

Soil Scrub helps quickly remove nasty pollutants and synthetic compounds from the soils your crops grow in. 

Zeolite amended soils show both increased water retention and nutrient utilization. Significantly reduce N & K loss naturally.

Mined from fossilized sea beds, Purebase Soil Advantage will bring your soil back to balance by creating and supporting an environment that soil ecology can thrive in. 

Purebase Shade Advantage natural mineral plant protectant reduces sunburn damage to plant tissue (including fruits and nuts) exposed to UV radiation.