Water Conservation

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Water Conservation Tips For Farmers

By Norcal Ag Service / May 15, 2019 /

There are many reasons why water conservation matters. Ecological responsibility is certainly one of these factors. Communities such as the state of California that are often ravaged by drought have no choice but to be mindful of the way in which they water their crops. There are also financial and time restrictive reasons why it…

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Low Impact Development (LID) Principals and Stormwater Management

By Norcal Ag Service / March 26, 2019 /

Stormwater runoff is a continual and growing concern that pertains to both environmental and public health interests. Due to the penetrating nature of the problem public advocacy and official legislation have had to work in harmony to create an effective mitigation campaign. One such governing standard is illustrated in the Clean Water Act. Established in…

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What is Bioretention?

By Norcal Ag Service / March 6, 2019 /

Unchecked, stormwater runoff can be a dangerous contaminate that does more harm than good. But, since we are just talking about water here, the potential for useful repurposing is also enormous. As concerns over stormwater runoff became increasingly more prevalent, productive solutions are ever more necessary. That is where bioretention comes into play. A bioretention…

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