Zeolite - Improve Soil Nutrient & Water Retention

Significantly reduce N & K loss - naturally

Zeolite amended soils show both increased water retention and nutrient utilization. On top of this, Zeolite fertilizer soil amendments can outperform other amendments by increasing the CEC levels in your soil.

Because of its net negative charge it attracts positively charged compounds. Like ammonia. Zeolite attracts the hydrogen ions in Ammonia. Zeolite then eliminates odors by exchanging the Hydrogen ions, which neutralizes the odor causing compounds.

Sold by the Truckload

  • Application Rate – 1 ton per acre (standard)
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Zeolite As A Soil Amendment

Improved Crop Yields - Zeolite’s distinguished properties on CEC, free structural water storage, and surface adsorption have great potential applications on soil ameliorating.

Reduced N & K loss - Once the nutrients are absorbed, they become available for timely release and optimal plant uptake. This means they have now turned a volatile fertilizer into a time release fertilizer.

Water Retention & More -  Zeolite is capable of holding up to 60% of its weight in water.  Zeolite can increase water infiltration by 7%-30% on gentle sloped land and up to 50% on steep sloped land.

Composting with Zeolite - Increased water retention, the holding of nitrogen and micro-nutrients in the root zone,  Provides a medium for future capture of nitrogen, Increased cation exchange capacity in the soil, Enhanced water infiltration and aeration of the soil


What Is Zeolite?


Zeolite is a natural mineral created many years ago by volcanic ash falling into an alkaline water source and being put under pressure.

This pressure combination resulted in a mineral with a porous three- dimensional honeycomb framework and net negative charge..The combined honeycomb framework and net negative charge, allows Zeolite to both absorb liquids and adsorb compounds.

The finished product works both like a sponge and a magnet; soaking up liquids and exchanging magnetic compounds.

Zeolite Main Benefits


The honeycomb three-dimensional framework allows Zeolite to pull in large amounts of liquid.

Zeolite can absorb up to 60% of its weight in liquid. This ability makes Zeolite an ideal solution across multiple industries, not just animal waste.

Zeolite then slowly re-releases the liquid it has absorbed, filtering out materials it has an affinity for. This slow release is useful for turf cooling, soil amendment, and remediation projects.



The net negative charge allows Zeolite to exchange ions with positively charged compounds, heavy metals, radiation, and other contaminants.


Zeolite adsorbs harmful substances through an exchange of ions, meaning both substances are compelled towards each other.

Zeolite will then hold onto compounds until one of three scenarios happen:


  1. Pressure Putting Zeolite under intense pressure will cause adsorbed materials to be released.
  2. Heat Heating Zeolite above 500° F will cause adsorbed materials to be released.
  3. Plant Mineralization Plants can selectively draw out adsorbed materials through their root structure.

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