Soil Scrub - Soil Reclamation Solution

( an OSE ll Product) bioremediation for water and soil | EPA recommended & approved

Soil Scrub is an amazing  product that quickly removes Glysophate (Roundup) , DDT, motor oils, fules and other harmful pesticides, hydrocarbons and other man-made, un-natural harmful compounds that reside in soil and water.


  • One Case ( 5 Gallons)
  • One Drum (55 Gallons)


  • 250 Gallons of Toxins ( Mixing Ratio: 50 to 1 )
  • 2750 Gallons of Toxins ( Mixing Ratio: 50 to 1 )
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Bioremediates Most Organic Based Compounds and Hydrocarbons

Our Soil Scrub / OSE II has successfully bioremediated the following compounds and many others.

Numerous solvents

Crude oil, pesticides {DDT, Malathion, lamda-Cyhalotrin (Warrior), Spectracide 2,4-D, Glyphosate (Roundup), Picloram (Tordon), organic pesticides}, Tert Butyl Ether, Benzene, Xylene, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene, Chrysene, Hopane, Hexadecane, Naphthalene, Flourene, Phytane, Phenanthrene, C18, C30, Pristane, heating oils (No. 2 & No. 6), Kerosene, grease from animals and vegetables, Dioxins, Furans, Creosote, PCB’s (Poly Chlorinated Biphenols), dry cleaning fluid (Perchloroethylene), Ethylene Glycol (radiator fluid), deicing agent, hydraulic fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, motor oils, co-polymers, TNT and gun powder.


These compounds include;

All types of Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Jet A, JP 4, JP 5, JP 8.

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Remove Roundup (Glysophate) from vineyards, orchards & fields

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Glysophate, known commercially as Roundup, has a harmful impact on soil health and on the crops grown in the impacted soil. Roundup use can impact the entire ecosystem, and prove to be a challenge to remove from your soil. When initially developed, Roundup was said to have low soil persistence, which meant that it broke down quickly once it hit the soil. Studies have demonstrated otherwise, and as much as 50% of the chemical may still linger even several weeks after application.

The addition of healthy microorganisms can help to metabolize the glysophate that remains in the soil. More than removing the Roundup from the soil itself, amending the soil with microorganisms can help to avoid the chemical from accumulating in water runoff.


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